Consumer Expertise

SARAYA consumer goods are made to be just as easy on the environment as they are on the user. Our goal is to help our customers maintain a healthy, clean, and sustainable lifestyle by focusing on effective products designed with natural ingredients and built-in eco-friendly features. In addition to keeping your home and body clean, our consumer goods help every household reduce their burden on the environment.

Saraya create solutions that are both ecological and sustainable

Unique Technology

Our products are developed thanks to many years of experience and experimentation, permitting us to create solutions that are both ecological and sustainable. On top of having our own investigation laboratories, we collaborate with universities around the world in order to find the future in health, hygiene and foods.


Soforo is a natural cleaning agent produced by fermenting natural yeast with palm oil and sugar. Due to being a natural byproduct from yeast, Soforo excels in biodegradability, quickly returning to the earth, and meeting safety requirements as either a cosmetic or a food ingredient, perfect to create next-gen cleaners such as Happy Elephant that are skin and environmentally friendly.


As a pharmaceutical manufacturer who has been working for many years in infection prevention, we are at the frontier of research on the immunization ingredient “lactoferrin”. After multiple experiments searching for real skin beauty we discovered the remarkable anti-aging effects of this component, leading to the creation of Lactoferrin Lab. Reawaken your skin's own beauty.

Safe and Natural Products

Safe and Natural Products

Our world is filled with synthetic chemicals that have made modern life much more convenient. However, these artificial substances often have negative costs to the environment and our bodies. With nature as our inspiration, SARAYA has developed natural and additive-free products for the entire home and personal hygiene. We want our customers and their families to live healthy and sustainable lives with our products. From hand hygiene to healthy food, small changes can together make a big difference.

Additive-free, natural soaps

All our consumer soaps have a natural origin, with no additives and harmful preservatives added that alter its color or smell. Forget finding in our products bad things for your body such as synthetic petroleum-based surfactants, optical brighteners, bleaches, artificial perfumes or colorants.


In 2004, the NGO called Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was set up to promote the sustainable production, procurement, and use of palm oil products. SARAYA’s consumer goods that are produced from this raw material use certified sustainable palm oil or palm oil that supports RSPO-certified growers, crushers, and independent smallholders. You can help us support sustainability by acquiring brands like Happy Elephant, Yashinomi, arau. and more.

Use of bioplastics and reduction of plastic waste

SARAYA is starting to use biological plastics in some of its products, as well as cutting back the amount of used plastic. KSN, a subsidiary of SARAYA, which deals with the recycling of food waste, has started to use plastic packaging waste to make an energy-efficient fuel to promote its thermal recycling.

Sustainable monk fruit farms

Lakanto’s monk fruit grows on pristine farms exclusive to SARAYA, in the remote mountains of Guilin, China, hours away from the city, in an area with clean air and unpolluted water. Using the same traditional methods that have been used for centuries, our monk fruit is harvested by local hand without pesticides, ensuring the best-tasting, high-quality monk fruits compared with other monk fruit alternatives.

Aiming for carbon-neutrality

Starting with Yashinomi, we are eliminating any use of fossil fuels in our products and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in order to preserve the future of the Earth. Using non-petroleum-based, vegetable-based cleaning ingredients we can prevent further additions of CO2 to the planet, which has a significant impact on climate change.

Wastewater created by our product breaks down into water, which directly returns to the earth, and CO2. This CO2 will be more than compensated by the amount absorbed during the growing process of the plants we use as raw materials. As a result, carbon dioxide can circulate in our lives without increasing its total quantity.

Saraya protects those in need for a healthier and better world

Protecting Those that Need it

As the world makes more improvements in technology, lifestyle, and economy, SARAYA is dedicated to reminding our customers that maintaining consideration for sustainability with these advances is necessary to ensure a beautiful world will be available to our children in the future. Sustainability is a common feature of all our products and an essential part of our business, a practice we believe that all companies need to realize for a sustainable society. By choosing SARAYA, customers can join us in activities that make the world healthier and better.

Wash a Million Hands! Project

The  Wash A Million Hands! Project started in 2010 in order to spread correct handwashing using soap in Uganda, East Africa, reducing child mortality in countries occasioned by avoidable fatal diseases.

We support UNICEF’s handwashing promotion activities by donating 1% of our sales amount of specific products in Japan.

Borneo Conservation Trust

We support the Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT), a collaboration that started in 2006. The BCT, an NGO recognized by the Sabah and Malaysian governments, aims to protect and acquire lands in order to help the endangered wildlife and biodiversity in the Malaysian rainforest, playing a key role in the conservation of this threatened environment

Save the Children Japan

Every purchase of arau. and natural soaps go in part to the support of education, emergency care, preventative hygiene and the relief of children in more than 120 countries worldwide through the United Nations' Save the Children program. From organizing disaster damage reduction activities to establishing water purifying filters in schools, we are improving the lives of children in the regions that need it the most.

Safe Motherhood Project

Approximately 830 women die daily in the world due to pregnancy, childbirth and abortion, with 99% of them being in developing countries. Among them, it is said that in East Africa, "pregnancy and childbirth influence the lives of women".

With the desire to save as many lives as possible, Saraya has started activities to support pregnant women. Through the "White Ribbon Movement" of the international cooperation NGO/JOICFP, Saraya learned that mothers giving birth in Uganda often die of infectious diseases such as postpartum sepsis, mainly caused by unsanitary environments. Therefore, Saraya started the "SARAYA Safe Motherhood Project" in 2018 to protect those pregnant women. Part of the sales of Lactoferrin Lab. is used to deliver hand sanitizers to local clinics, providing mothers and babies the future they deserve.

SARAYA teaches you how you can be healthy with proper hand hygiene and healthy routines.

Learning to be Healthy

SARAYA doesn't just produce products, but solutions that always think about who and how will use our products and services. Apart from providing information and training in professional and healthcare fields, we don't forget about our clients in the consumer section. Below, you will find some useful know-how to make you and your family's life healthier.

Hand Washing and Disinfection

When should you wash your hands and when is it better to use hand sanitizer? what is the most efficient way to clean your hand from bacteria? In this article, you will find the answers together with an easy-to-understand memo, illustrated with pictures.

3 Step Skin Care

arau. is our additive-free natural soap brand that protects the skin of the whole family. came up with 3 steps of skin care that will keep the gentle skin of the babies healthy and moisturized. You can learn more about the Wash-Moisturize-Wrap method here.

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